Keeping Pittsburgh Cozy A Day at a Time

6:00 AM – The Early Bird Gets the Worm

The alarm clock blares, and I’m up before the sun, ready to start another day as an HVAC technician for J. A. Sauer Heating & Air Conditioning. After a quick cup of coffee, I’m out the door and on my way to the first appointment of the day.

8:00 AM – Emergency Furnace Repair

My first stop is a frantic call from a family whose furnace has stopped working in the middle of a chilly Pittsburgh winter. I arrive at their home, diagnose the issue as a faulty ignition control, and quickly get to work replacing the part. Within an hour, their furnace is back up and running, and their home is starting to warm up again.

10:30 AM – Routine Maintenance

Next up is a routine maintenance call for a commercial client. I perform a thorough inspection of their HVAC system, clean and replace filters, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. Preventive maintenance like this helps extend the life of their equipment and prevents costly breakdowns down the road.

1:00 PM – Lunch Break

After a busy morning, it’s time for a well-deserved lunch break. I grab a quick bite at a local diner and catch up on any paperwork or scheduling updates from the office.

2:30 PM – New Installation

In the afternoon, I head to a job site where a brand-new furnace and air conditioning system are being installed in a recently constructed home. I work closely with the team to ensure everything is properly sized, positioned, and connected, and that all safety protocols are followed to the letter.

5:00 PM – One Last Call

As the day winds down, I squeeze in one final appointment – a quick tune-up on an older heating system. I clean and inspect the components, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible before heading home for the day.

7:00 PM – Home at Last

After a long but satisfying day on the job, I finally arrive back home, grateful for the opportunity to help keep the good people of Pittsburgh warm and comfortable all year round. Tomorrow, I’ll do it all over again, but for now, it’s time to relax and recharge for another busy day ahead.