Luxaire HVAC Services Transforms Commercial Cooling in Nassau County


Luxaire HVAC Services has been a leading provider of commercial air conditioning solutions in Nassau County, New York, for over two decades. Their expertise spans across Commercial Air Conditioner Service, Repair, Installation, and Maintenance, serving businesses in Baldwin, Franklin Square, Freeport, Long Beach, Oceanside, and Valley Stream.


In the summer of 2022, a large shopping mall in Freeport, NY, faced a critical situation when their aging air conditioning system failed during a heatwave. With temperatures soaring and customer comfort at risk, the mall management needed an urgent solution to prevent business disruption and potential revenue loss.


Luxaire HVAC Services was called in to address the emergency. Their team of expert technicians quickly assessed the situation and developed a two-pronged approach:

  1. Immediate Commercial AC Repair: To provide temporary relief, Luxaire’s technicians worked around the clock to repair the existing system, ensuring a comfortable environment for shoppers and staff.
  2. Long-term Commercial Air Conditioning Installation: Recognizing the need for a more efficient and reliable solution, Luxaire proposed a complete system overhaul.

The installation plan included:

  • State-of-the-art energy-efficient units
  • Smart thermostats for improved temperature control
  • Zoning systems to optimize cooling in different areas of the mall


Luxaire HVAC Services executed the installation in phases to minimize disruption to the mall’s operations. Their team worked during off-hours and coordinated closely with mall management to ensure a smooth transition.

The project showcased Luxaire’s expertise in Commercial AC Service, as they not only installed the new system but also provided comprehensive training to the mall’s facilities team on its operation and maintenance.


The impact of Luxaire’s intervention was immediate and significant:

  • Energy costs reduced by 30% within the first month of operation
  • Improved air quality and consistent temperature throughout the mall
  • Positive feedback from tenants and customers on the enhanced shopping experience
  • Increased foot traffic and longer average visit durations


This case study demonstrates Luxaire HVAC Services’ capability to handle large-scale commercial air conditioning challenges across Nassau County. Their quick response, technical expertise, and comprehensive service offerings – from emergency Commercial AC Repair to full-scale Commercial Air Conditioning Installation – solidify their position as a trusted partner for businesses in Baldwin, Franklin Square, Freeport, Long Beach, Oceanside, and Valley Stream, NY.

By combining immediate problem-solving with long-term energy-efficient solutions, Luxaire HVAC Services not only resolved the mall’s cooling crisis but also contributed to its improved operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.